MS vs Mtech: All you need to know

In this article let’s take a look at everything you need to know between Ms & Mtech.

We will take a look at different things like definition and specialisation, difference between the two and job opportunities in both in detail.

So if you are confused regarding which one you should choose after your engineering or bachelor’s.

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Definition & specialization

What is Ms & its specialization

Full form of M.Sc is Master of Science (MSc). MSc is a two-year duration postgraduate degree course offered by universities and colleges in various specialised Science fields such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Food Sciences, Life Sciences, and so on.

A Master of Science degree provides scientific as well as professional entry-level competency to students.

The course offers advanced theoretical as well as practical knowledge to students in their chosen specialisation. The MSc specialisation opted by students is usually the one studied by them during graduation.

What is Mtech & its specialization

M.Tech is a two year professional technical degree course. The full form of M.Tech is Masters in Technology. M.Tech degree is awarded to candidates in the field of engineering technology.

 During the duration of two years, students are given exceptional knowledge on technologies. M.Tech enhances the skills of a candidate and makes him or her specialist in a particular area or field.

In India, the MTech degree is offered across various specializations. These specializations include Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, VLSI, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, biomedical engineering and many more.

Difference between MS and Mtech

Here is a table which explains the difference between two options by observing different factors in detail.

MeaningThis is called Master of ScienceThis is called masters of Technology
SpecializationIn this option you will learn specialised knowledge in science subjects like maths physics, chemistry and Biology, etcIn this branch you will learn specialised knowledge in engineering branches like chemical engineering, Mechanical, Computer Science and electrical engineering, etc
Course StructureIn this course you will learn more theoretical knowledge to discover new ideas and inventions in science and use it for research & developmentIn this course you will learn more practical applications of the knowledge so that you can use it in real life
DurationThis is usually a two years long program but it can be sometimes extended to 3 years as wellThis is two years long program
Eligibility criteriaThe candidate must have passed Graduation in Science or equivalent from a recognized board. The candidate must have acquired a minimum aggregate of 60% in the qualifying examinationThe candidates must have graduation degree and have passed from any BTech branch from a recognised college
Enterance examsGATE, NEST, GMAT, AIIMS PG, IPU CET, DUET, and many other state level exams and some colleges have their own entrance exam to get admissionGATE,  AP PGECET, OJEE, and many other state level exams and some other colleges have their own entrance exam to get admission
Top collegesKalinga University, St Xavier College, Madras Christian College, IITs, NITs, etc  All IIT colleges, all NIT, colleges, BITS Pilani, JNCT, Jadavpur University, Gitam University, Amity University and many more
College feesThe average college fee for full time MS degree is anywhere between 50000 to 1.5 lakh rupees.The average fees for full time Mtech degree is between 1 lakh to 4 lakh rupees.
Placements of the studentsThe average package is somewhere between 3 to 7 lakh rupees per annum. The package will depend upon which subject you have specialised knowledge on for example chemistry and physics of biology students have more packages compared to mathematics because they can work in labs.Among all engineering branches computer science has the highest package with 82% placement was recorded for M. Tech Computer Science students. The highest package was 28 LPA, the average was 6.70 LPA, the median was 5.5 LPA and the lowest being 3.5 LPA.
Top companies which hire the studentsFSSAI, Coca Cola, Bharat serums and vaccines, NextGen Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical Firms, Agricultural Research Organizations, Wildlife and Fishery Departments, energy sector & PSU companies like BDL.Microsoft, IBM, Google, Facebook, Adobe, PayPal, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant etc.,

These are all the important differences you need to know between both the options now let’s take a look at job opportunities and options you can get after you complete both.

Job opportunities in both

Job opportunities in Ms

After you complete your masters, you can get money job opportunities and better salary such as,

  • Research Assistant.
  • Lab Technician.
  • Field Officer.
  • Manager.
  • Researcher and accountant.

An M.Sc degree holder can work in various fields like education, defense, public sector, automotive and aerospace industries, healthcare, materials, technology, computing, energy and information technology.

Most of the times the students graduated from masters of science branch get a job in research and development and we can become scientist in their specific subject like chemistry and biology or mathematics by pursuing higher studies like PhD.

Apart from that you can also become a teacher and professor in colleges and universities in that specific subject.

Job opportunities in MTECH

After you complete your Mtech degree, you can get many job opportunities and better salary compared to having just BTech degree.

Some job opportunities you could get after Mtech especially if you are from computer science and information technology branch.

  • Data Processing Departmental Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Software
  • Software Architect
  • Full stack developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software programmer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineering
  • Hardware Designer
  • Healthcare Software

Apart from getting a high paying job in the corporate sector you can also get a job as a teacher and professor in the top Universities and colleges like IIT and other private colleges of a country at the same time you can also consider becoming a scientist and getting into research field.

Apart from that if you get your M tech degree through the GATE exam then you can also get a chance to work in PSU companies and get a government job.

You can learn more about the pros and cons of choosing Mtech after your engineering undergraduation in detail here.

Which is best and why?

After learning all the things between both the branches if you want to decide which one you want to go for then I would like to ask you one question which is,

What is it that you want to do in your life?

For Example if you want to get a high paying job and get into the technology industry and work for multinational companies and go higher in the corporate world, m tech is the path you should choose.

On the other hand if you want to get a decent paying job but you want to get highly specialised expert level knowledge in a particular subject like physics, chemistry or

biology and mathematics and you want to get into the research and development industry and become a scientist or become a professor then obviously Master of Science is the path you should choose.

Now you are the one who has to decide which option you want to choose because everybody are different with different interests and skills.

Good luck with your career.

With that said let’s end the article.


These are all the things you need to know about Ms & Mtech.

Do let me know what are your thoughts about these in the comment section below.

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